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    Big Hello to all our loyal, intelligent and aware vape mates. Thank you all for your support once again and we would like to throw a few new things out there for our clients. We know that most websites are just pictorials and most people wouldn't read more than 20% of the content on the page. So id like to throw out there for our fellow vapors, if you would like a small item like a roll of kanthal or packet of coils we would be happy to post that out to you at no charge. The only restriction is that the item can not exceed the dimensions of 100x100x20mm, look out for this logo on selected listings. Lastly at the checkout phase just flag the item as a pick up and in comments please advise us that you would like item delivered "FREE PROMO" and we will happy oblige that. So we are here to help out vapors that only want spend $10.00 on a purchase etc, we understand some people cant afford to place a large order to receive free delivery. Now you can!



   Simply let us know what product you are in the market for and the target price that you have and we will do our best to either match or better the competitors price. We don't want to lose a sale for a few dollars, so please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP with what we can offer you and express shipping is included on any purchase over $100.00. Products that arent displayed on our site doesn't necessarily mean that we can not access or quote you on that product. Please let us know if theres something that you would like but not visible on our site, please fill out  the contact form with details of the price match guarantee and we will get back to you ASAP.     

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Please provide business details location or website address

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