What Is A Vaporizer

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A vaporizer is a device used to release the active ingredients of plant material or to release the therapeutic compounds. A healthier alternative to smoking, vaporizers heat the material at a much lower temperature (when compared to smoking) so that the active compounds contained in the plant material produce an aromatic vapor (instead of smoke). Rather than burning the plant material, which can produce numerous harmful by-products, this vapor contains virtually zero particulate matter and significantly reduced noxious gases. By avoiding combustion (smoke), the user is able to achieve the same desired effects without the harmful side-effects of smoking.



With conduction vaporization, the herbal material makes direct contact with the heat source to produce the vapor. Earlier desktop vaporizers utilized this method, and it is no longer as common.Most wax and pen-style vaporizers utilize this method of vaporization. As the plant material makes direct contact with the heating element, vapor is produced and then inhaled as the user draws through the mouthpiece. Although this method of vaporization results in a quicker heat-up time, it can also lead to combustion if not properly utilized.


With convection vaporization, the herbal material does not directly touch the heat source. Instead, vaporization is achieved by passing heated air over the material, extracting the active ingredients. There are two basic types of convection vaporizers: whip-style and forced-air. Whip-Style vaporizers require the user to inhale through a tubing system (whip), thereby pulling hot air from the heat source over your material. Forced-Air vaporizers utilize a fan that propels the hot air over the material, thereby creating a stream of vapor that is then filled into a bag or balloon system

What Can I Vape

When it comes to vaping there are a range of substances that can be vaped, including dry herb, Wax/concentrates, Essential Oils and Vape Juices-E Liquid. The material being vaporized will affect which vaporizer one can use, as not all vapes work with every substance. It is easier to decide on a vape when one knows what they plan to vaporize most frequently.


How Safe Is It?
The vaporizer is a healthy tool for aromatherapy and can be used with a number of plant substances and oils. Vaporization doesn't facilitate combustion to release active ingredients in plants, oils and blends. The substances are instead, released through the process of sublimation or the conversion into a gaseous state, otherwise noted as vaporizing. Since there is no burning of the materials, substances are not in any way lost or altered and one is taking in the material in the purest form. Not only that, by using a vaporizer there is no production of toxic compounds, carcinogens or by products.

Dry Herb -Loose Leaf
* Dried & cured plant material
* Beneficial properties are released when vaporized


Waxy Concentrate 

 * Extracted from dry herb
 * Extraction methods include CO2, butane, or high-proof alcohol extraction


Essential Oils Aromatherapy
Alternatively you can Vape essential oils rather than dry herbs, most essential oils are not formulated to be used with vaporizers so please make sure you follow the manufacturers  recommendations. See example below of essential oils that are specifically made to be used with vaporizers. 

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