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Vaporization for Health-Conscious Consumers In light of the airborne toxins, pollutants, and automotive fumes we inhale on a daily basis, it’s important to be give your lungs a break and be mindful of your smoking delivery methods. Instead of puffing away

We’re all aware of the hazards that smoking poses to your health. While some people may enjoy the occasional celebratory cigar, routine smoke inhalation is the culprit to chronic respiratory conditions and serious lung damage. That’s because when we burn plant material we intend to inhale, the process of combustion occurs; producing toxic byproducts that range from carbon dioxide to tar and ash.

In recent years, vaporizers have become a popular item among the market. That’s because vaporization is a great alternative to smoking. When it comes to vaporizers, there is no fire involved, so the act of combustion doesn’t occur. Instead, vaporizers use heat to warm your  aromatherapy blends to the point of creating a nice, thick vapor that is far safer for personal inhalation. Interested to know why you should make the switch to vapor? Take a peek at our latest infographic for a closer look into the benefits of vaporizers over traditional smoking methods.


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Very insightful.

By: on 16 November 2016
Great article that shows the benefits of vaping over traditional smoking (YUCK) Good job folks

Professional blog

By: on 26 December 2015
I've never seen so professional vaporizer knowledge, also the type setting is really nice, reading experience is great. It's a pity that there is only one blog, lol

Although this vapori

25 June 2015
Although this vaporizer is very exepnsive, if you are a long term medical user or just use it every day or more, it will overall be worth the cost to you. With over 4 years of daily use, never once has it broken or malfunctioned. I have the digital version. Using a vaporizer is definitely the way to go: use less product, get the same effect, and also have ABV to make edibles after. Burning just doesn't make sense after using a vape. Cleaning is important, use isopropyl alcohol 70% and water otherwise you will have residue. And after you use up the bags you got for free, us turkey oven bags afterwards. Much cheaper and works just as well, also easy to find. Great article, thanks!

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